Paul C. Hamill
Raineri Construction, LLC v. Turner         St. Louis County       2009

I represented the plaintiff, Raineri Construction in a dispute over the work it performed at the Defendants’ residence. The Defendants complained that the work was not fully performed and that the work was not performed correctly. I tried the case to the Court and obtained a verdict for Plaintiff for the entire amount claimed plus interest. The judgment was paid in full.

Knox v. ChrisDis, Inc.         Lincoln County          2009

I represented ChrisDis, Inc., a waste disposal company that was sued by Plaintiffs for driving a trash truck on their driveway and allegedly causing damage to the driveway. The case was tried to the Court and I obtained a directed verdict for Defendant at the close of Plaintiff’s case.

Abbott v. Fountainhead Refunding, LLC et al.    Jackson County    2009

I represented an apartment complex owner in a premises liability claim brought by a resident who allegedly slipped and fell on some black ice in the parking lot following a snow storm in January 2007. Plaintiff broke his leg in the fall and, after surgically repairing the leg, Plaintiff fell again during his treatment and had to have a below the knee amputation. The Court granted my Motion to Dismiss based on the release language contained in the lease agreement between the apartment complex owner and the Plaintiff.

McGrath v. VRA, I, L.P.       244 S.W.3d 220 (Mo. App. E.D. 2008)

I represented an apartment complex owner in a premises liability claim filed by an employee who was seriously injured on the job while removing a refrigerator from a second story apartment. Plaintiff fell from the second floor staircase to the ground and sustained significant injuries with medical bills in excess of $200,000. The court granted my Motion to Dismiss the claim based on lack of subject matter jurisdiction and the judgment was upheld by the court of appeals.

Davenport v. Gardner Corporation         Jefferson County        2006

I represented the firm that designed a residential septic system that was installed by a third party contractor. The home owner sued when the septic system backed up into the basement and caused property damage. The Court granted my Motion for Summary Judgment finding that Plaintiff had failed to set out any evidence that there were any issues with the design of the septic system.

Welch v. St. Louis County St. Louis County 2005

I represented Mr. Welch in his personal injury claim resulting from an auto accident with a St. Louis County Park Ranger. The Ranger alleged that he was responding to an emergency call with his lights and siren activated and ran a red light. My client was turning left in the path of the Park Ranger and was cited for driving while intoxicated. The impact caused my client to be ejected from his pickup truck and caused him to sustain serious injuries. The case was settled shortly after filing suit for the statutory damage cap of $335,116.00.
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